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Bricksylvania! April 9 APS Teacher Work Day Camp (St. Michael's)


Revel in constructing a newfangled and nifty domain of LEGO® and DUPLO® with us! We’ll use gobs and piles of the vibrant bricks to build and play The Creative Difference Way. We’ll create our own small civilization one building block at a time. As usual, tons of free choice options and our popular art cart will be available all day as well.


Grades: K to 5

Location: St. Michael's Episcopal Church- 1132 N Ivanhoe Street, Arlington, VA 22205

Hours: 9 am- 3 pm │8 am-9 am Early Care │3 pm-6 pm Aftercare

Fees : $70 │ $10 Early Care │ $25 Aftercare

Includes cheese pizza lunch.


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Date: April 9, 2018

St. Michael's Episcopal Church
1132 North Ivanhoe Street
Arlington, VA
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